Organic media influencing

Organic Media Influencing is a company that gives public access to social media applications that helps users achieve financial, political, and artistic change. This means each application has monetary, networking, social, and political benefits that are irredeemable from any other social media website.

Each of the applications focus on an area of change that a user would want to implement, such as society. We then organize a social media application that revolves around users having equal access to implement the change necessary.

your monetary benefits

Where our social media applications operate like any other social media (Facebook, Snapchat, Tumblr, etc.) one important distinction is that we provide users with tools to help them implement their desired financial and social change.

Our organization designed these applications to give users access to a set of essential online tools. These tools reduce automation costs, build audiences, monetize content, collect analytics, and maximize advertisement revenue.

Organic media influencing Applications

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Mt. Olympus

This application focuses on helping users reach targeted and mass-audiences.

Mt. Olympus provides users the ability to reach mass amounts of people and the data to successfully monetize. This application is the solution for gaining attention.

Clientele: Organizations looking to reach mass-audiences at fractions of market costs.



This application focuses on helping users get involved with trending hashtag movements.

Hashtopia serves as a social-media platform where activists can get engaged, network, and track the analytics behind important hashtags and social events.

Clientele: Organizations that are looking to successfully monetize or increase donations.



This application focuses on helping users with exposing their art to the world.

Artopia is an outlet that serves two key roles: a social media application that revolves around artistry as well as a place providing artist with the tools needed to succeed.

Clientele: Organizations looking to automate content or build awareness.

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